Why Do You Need to Use Social Media?

If you’ve ever thought for a moment, do I really need to use social media? Then this post is for you my friend.

I remember when I worked for a tech start-up company in NYC, and nearly everyday I would hear from small business owners, “why do I need to be on social media?” It’s a very valid question. Social media marketing requires a lot of work and if you are running a small business, how do you find time for it, especially if you’re not at a point where you can pay to have someone assist you with it?

I used to agree with them. After all, what difference does it make?

A world of a difference.

If you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds, then you’ve need to use social media. Even if you are running a small shop in a small town, you still have the potential to make a big impact beyond the borders of where you work and live.

Here’s what I know to be true:

1.) Social Media is the new and extended Word of Mouth. The way we used to hear word of mouth recommendations was only through meeting with our friends and family, in person, whenever we had time. But now, word of mouth is as simple as scrolling down your Instagram feed, seeing your best friend’s amazing new haircut from a stylist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Then you remember that you will be traveling there for work next month and you decide to make a hair appointment. That photo and maybe a short little comment, are a representation of the new word of mouth. It’s a positive message, in the form of a photo, from a trusted and reliable source.

2.) Social Media has no borders (for the most part): There is no limitation on the audience that you can reach. Sure, the lady watching your YouTube video of you creating the perfect highlights for springtime lives in Melbourne, Australia and will probably not actually visit your salon in person but through her watching the videos, you gained something more. Viewership and global credibility. Don’t underestimate just how connected we are as people. The six degrees of separation have been taken to a new level in the hands of social media.

3.) Social Media is most still free. Okay, I say mostly, because it does cost you time and as the good old saying goes, “time is money.” But here’s the thing, never before would you be able to share videos with the world, for free. In the past, you would have struggled just to get an opportunity to pitch an idea to a local television network. But now, almost instantaneously, you can create and share with the world, for free!

4.) For the sake of one. So, I know social media may be all about reaching as many people as possible, but I urge you to consider and remember to just focus on reaching one. Just focus on helping one. Turn your attention to communicating with just one. When you make the conversation personal, it’s going to sound a lot more relatable. You’ll make people feel like you’re talking directly to them because you are talking directly to them. Imagine, when a client walks into your business or your office, you want to help them, right? You want them to leave with a smile, right? You want them to talk about your business in a positive way to their friends, right? You want to solve a problem that they have, right? This is exactly what social media is doing. If you focus on addressing these same issues just in a different way, social media marketing is going to get a whole lot easier for you. Trust me. You’ve got this!

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